Must have apps on any new Linux distro install

Oops, how could I forget to mention the awesome zstd compression utility, after my recent phone bricking nightmare?

The apps i use daily are: Firefox,Palemoon, Cawbird, Liferea, QuiteRSS, Shotwell, gthumb, Day Planner, Geary, Stacer, Bleachbit, gpodder.

Thanks for the reminder of nethogs. I had forgotten about that neat little tool.

What is a Nethog !!!

For me, it depends on the distro I am on but, if I pick the minimal install option on the installer or am installing arch, I will usually stand something up from the list below:

+lightdm- display manager
+sddm- if I feel too lazy to configure lightdm
+dwm- because why not 2 wm’s :slight_smile:
+sway- if I am on wayland
+vim- if neovim isn’t in the repo
+vimplug- for vim and neovim plugins
+picom- compositor (unagi did just fine to back when I tested it out)
+dmenu- use for app launcher and in surf browser
+feh- for wallpaper setting
+ranger- file manager (I also install all optional deps. for enhanced file previews)
+kitty- super nice, configurable terminal that supports font ligatures
+Victor Mono- reasonable font that has ligatures
+font awesome- icon font set
+vscodium- because, while vscode is a decent IDE, I don’t like built in telemetry
+youtube-dl-mp3 - I know you can run youtube-dl to do what this does but, I am too lazy :slight_smile:
+firefox- for banking, purcases, and casual browsing
+qutebrowser- for browsing that requires a higher level of productivity like in depth research
+surf- same reason as qutebrowser
+arandr- for being lazy on monitor set up
+sdcv- dictionary
+artha- thesaurus
+libre office
+w3m- terminal browser
+virt-manager, qemu, libvirtd, etc.

I am sure there are more packages I am forgetting but, I usually forget several when I set up a new system too!

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