Music venue live streaming

As I download OBS studio I thought to post here (seeing as there is so much video streaming mentioned in the audio podcasts I listen to).

I have a “dork” studio behind the PA’s in a music venue. It’s very communal/DIY and at a recent meeting they brought up the idea of live streaming some of the shows (I immediately look forlornly at the Video Toaster and Decklink Multibridge abandoned on my shelf :-).

Any advice in workflow/hardware/software in setting such a thing up? Camera recommendations?

I figure three cameras (fixed/roaming dependent on staffing) and audio mix coming from the (analog) board. We have a good commercial fibre connection both ways and decent WIFI which can be segmented and QOS.

Anybody done similar and have advice? It’s a smart bunch of folks of various skill levels although the idea is to have some of us learn the ropes then mentor others (as we presently do with audio engineering).

Cheers and love the podcasts!


It sounds very interesting. When you say “three cameras”, does that mean:
A: Three video sources, switched with an HDMI/SDI switcher before a single capture card records the one signal?
B: Three video sources captured with three capture cards but a single source selected (or multiple sources merged into one) in software before being streamed?
C: Three video sources captured with three capture cards and three simultaneous video streams going out to the Internet?

Was thinking two fixed cameras tethered (say stage right/left, IP or even directly USB connected) and one roaming on wireless. All being piped into a live switcher of some sort then sent out on a stream. B with the versatility to do C (aka “unmanned” mode)

Looked up how KEXP does their live broadcasts, via fibre tethered Panasonic GH3’s and Blackmagic equipment. Perhaps overkill and a very controlled situation. This may occasionally involve a dancing audience and stage diving band members :-).

Something like Newtek’s Tricaster (NewTek TriCaster Mini | Your Story bigger, brighter, better and bolder than ever.) seems like a workable commercial solution although I’d prefer (and will) present an open source solution to them as an option. I probably still know a few people there from my Lightwave days, will see if a eval unit is in town.

OBS Studio and a few decent logitech cameras was a doddle to set up. Wow. If one could abstract that to a control surface it would suit my needs. We’ll see what their expectations are next meeting.