Music Production and Linux

I am looking for some recommendations on a couple things relating to Linux and music. This will help me a lot, not only in education of kids but also for personal need to scratch some itches in content creation. Don’t expect any kind of masterpiece from me, just want to dabble a bit.

  1. Composing and playing back music. Think old school MIDI style. I want to be able to play something on a keyboard and digitally record it.

  2. Writing music on screen for printing and playing the analog way. I have some sheet music that I want to rewrite and print out for playing.

Any suggestions on this would be super helpful.

If you don’t mind working with an online application, check out:

You can write sheet music, play it back, etc… Among many other things, you can attach your keyboard to it and it will write sheet music as you play.

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I’ve never used it so this isn’t a recommendation. Just passing along the name of a program that purports to be what you appear to be looking for.

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I use MuseScore for sheet music and Reaper for all things recording. If you are recording midi or manually composing with midi you need some sort of virtual instrument plugin to convert the midi data into noise.

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Excellent, I have a starting place on all this. Thanks so much. I will be messing around with this and I’ll see what works best.

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I use Ardour for recording, but it can do a lot more. Hopefully, this helps.


More stuff to investigate, it seems. Thank you!

Here’s a quick intro to recording etc, with ardour. These are great tutorials imho.


Wow, I had no idea that Ardour was so powerful. This is fantastic!

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It’s a DAW !!! :sunglasses:

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