Moving /home error

Hey, yesterday I was running arch linux when I decided to make my home directory into it’s own partition. I made an ext4 partition, cp-ed my home directory to the partition, backed up the home directory, added the directory into the fstab, rebooted, fixed permission issues, and rebooted. When I got into lightdm and logged in, I got a loop where I logged in and it sent me back to the login screen. I switched to tty2 and login in on the terminal, which worked fine. When I ran sudo lightdm, I got a black screen and had to switch try again.
Please help, I need this laptop working.

Can you post the results of the commands:
blkid and cat /etc/fstaba
Also lsblk. You will need to use sudo for blkid

I actually found a solution. I needed to recursively chown everything in the /home directory. Thank you though!

Glad you got it working

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