Mouse Recomendations

I have been doing a lot of work in FreeCAD lately. I’m looking for a good multi-button mouse that works without a lot of fuss on Linux, that I can assign FreeCAD keyboard shortcuts to mouse buttons. I would like one with 8-12 buttons but more is fine and under $100, any suggestions?

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I can only speak for myself but i’ve found mouse comfort to be very personal. I’d try to find a store that’ll allow you to test the mice and then grab one that fits you best given it has enough buttons.

The Razer Naga Trinity has 12 side buttons and Razer products have pretty good support thanks to the community. You can use OpenRazer to customize.

The other suggestion I would give is Logitech. They have great support from the community using the Piper tool. I’m not sure which ones have the buttons/config you want but they’re generally a great bet.

Hope this helps some.


Plus one for Logitech. Always great hardware.

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I love Logitechs weighted wheels, they can spin for minutes but while great for documents not sure wheels help with a need for buttons. Sorry mattman not sure.