More thoughts of my tuxedo laptop

So last May (2021) I received my new Tuxedo Auro 15. My initial impressions were good but here are a few observations.

  1. The keyboard in not tenkeyless. I would much rather this not be the case, this is no fault of Tuxedo but affects most laptops at or over 15". Ensure you like the keyboard you like before buying.

  2. The keyboard lighting.
    One of the first thing I did on receipt of the laptop was to put my own OS choice on there. Although there is a git hub page with source code for the Tuxedo keyboard lighting drivers I haven’t had any success in getting this to work, that’s on me I’m sure it works for other folks but be aware that its not an easy thing to do (I am a professional windows software dev). It would be nice for a Linux hardware company to package a snap or flat pack that everyone can use rather than just saying here’s the source code. (I think there is an AUR package)

  3. Control software, I have gotten this working but again itsa choice between; use their OS, use the AUR, or use the source code. Again the documentation assumes a lot.

  4. IO, its pretty good and I have ran the laptop with two 1440P external monitors using HDMI and USB type C via adaptor. I couldn’t get 144Hz working though I don’t thing the ports spec supports this.

4a) The power button is next to the keyboard so if the laptop is closed you cant turn it on. so its hard to use this closed with two monitors without opening the lid and having the OS switch to three screen mode using laptops display as well. Maybe that’s important to some use cases but not a bad thing for me.

  1. Everything else is absolutely peachy, it all works and is a fantastic bit of hardware. Shame it doesn’t have a touch screen and a tenkeyless but apart from that I’d say it is a good product to buy. Probably there are newer models now.

I am currently running Fedora 34 on this and its a good fit.