Merry Christmas and thank you for 2019

This summer EndeavourOS came for the first time on the scene. The start was a dream start and that’s all thanks to the guys behind this Network.

@MichaelTunnell We are eternally grateful for the support you showed from the early beginnings, thank you for that.

@zebedee.boss Thank you for your feedback, especially on Nvidia and your support through the channels Destination Linux and BDL. For the latter one, it was a privilege talking to you.

@kernellinux @dasgeek Thank you for your contributions in spreading the word for us.

@JasonEvangelho I honestly don’t know what to say to you but your Forbes article one day after our launch was the biggest surprise we received. Thank you so much for that.

@EricAdams I already thanked you but your help behind the scenes is priceless!!

We want to thank everybody in this community who supported us or even gave us a try. Despite the recent setbacks we had, we were able to pull ourselves together and to show the community our thanks we have a Christmas surprise for anyone who’s interested:

This weekend we’re going to launch the net-installer as a community development release
More details will follow this week.



Thank you and Merry Christmas @Bryanpwo Bryan - You are more than welcome. Please call upon me to do any testing anytime you wish :smiley:


Merry Christmas @Bryanpwo. Thank you for your work. I am sure many people appreciate it but they are not so vocal about it, therefor a big hug to you!

Also merry Christmas to the whole DLN network and community!
Thank you for being here and creating this place.

PS: 2020 will be the year of the DLN desktop, I mean community. :wink:


@Bryanpwo never thought I would ever say “I use ARCH” but the month I ran Endeavor OS for my Podcast was a revelation on how ARCH can be done in a user friendly way, still not a beginners Linux but definitely a great beginners ARCH install, will be returning to this again in the future on my Distrohopping journey. Happy holidays to you and all the team, and wishing you all the best for 2020.


Merry Christmas @Bryanpwo and what kind words you have for the community. Everyone appreciates the work that you and many other contributors do for the great community we reside!