Manjaro, Firefox VPN, Mumble, LVFS, Pine64 Smartwatch, RawTherapee, WSL - Destination Linux 139


Was that openVPN bash script ever shared that Noah talked about? Sounded very useful.

I need to update the shownotes for that episode. Thank you for the reminder. I will do.

I am currently finishing the edit for 140 so after that will update the shownotes for this episode

Ah gotcha, I pretty much exclusively use PocketCasts for my podcast listening. Interesting to see if it’ll update the show notes after the initial show publication. I’ll check the actual site too.

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Posting here for reference in case someone else like me came to the forum for the link. (Doesn’t update podcast app descriptions once initially downloaded)

OpenVPN Script from show

the shownotes themselves are updated but this helps too :smiley:


I did some hunting for your iBook conversion idea, this should be your harness:

iBook G3 14" Display Data (LVDS) LCD Cable + Microphone | eBay

and the LCD should be a Samsung LTN141XF-L04

The good news is it’s LVDS which is an industry protocol standard. The bad news is it’s 19-pin which isn’t.

You’ll need a LVDS driver board but I can’t find one that comes with a 19-pin LVDS connector.

The closest candidate I could find is this one with a 20-pin socket but no cable:

That’s the limit of my knowledge, you may be able to do some soldering magic but I don’t understand those boards well enough. Maybe someone who knows more about LVDS might chime in.