Mac Book Pro 2012

New to the Forum, Linux user since 2005, took break when I went into seminary, (Catholic priest) but lately switched back to Linux after listening to DLN podcasts while driving a lot.

We have a bunch of old Macbook Pro 2012s that are getting thrown out. Some are trash, some are good and I’m encouraging us to give them to students to repurpose. I have on and I’m looking for the best Linux Distro for this. I am partial to Manjaro right now. (I have already done the HDD to SDD upgrade)

What’s everyones exp on good distros to handle Mac hardware well?


TY! Appreciate it.

I’ve been comfortable on Manjaro Plasma for a month now, so this one will give me permission for some distro hopping again :slight_smile:

I’d pick some popular ones, check if they’re compatible with the hardware and get them into the hands of a few kids to see which one they tend to get on best with.

I’ve heard good things about Manjaro but I don’t know what searching for answers looks like for a new user, (Ex: Manjaro how to install Skype or fix Y). I tend to recommend the ones that already have everything in the official repo without needing 3rd party repos and also ones with big communities of new Linux users so there’s lots of info. Ubuntu and Linux Mint tend to fit that bill pretty well but there’s others.