Login to websites from inside Thunderbird

Hi there,

I am looking for a way to log in into websites in Thunderbird; some feeds require a login to be able to read the posts, ie. some subreddits, Facebook, etc; but when the browser inside TB prompts for a login, and typing the login in it, it launches whatever browser is as defaut instead of login in the site.

I tried QuiteRss, Liferea, and these can login into sites and show me the feeds.

So does anyone knows how to do the same in TB?


what version of Thunderbird are you using?

Even their own site does not even mention this

It looks like it might be an issue with the Flatpak. Try it from the Arch Repos and see if it works there. If it doesnt then that would be an issue with the Flatpak.

I think an option is to go into your preferences in your system, and look for something like “Preferred Applications” and go set Thunderbird for web. Try to log in then, and then reset the web back to what you had it as before.

I guess then it will have to be a topic for the Mozilla forum, unless others have an idea.