Linux Users and Privacy | DLN Xtend 66

On this episode of DLN Xtend we discuss, do Linux users really care about privacy?

Welcome to episode 66 of DLN Xtend. DLN Xtend is a community powered podcast. We take conversations from the DLN Community from places like the DLN Discourse Forums, Telegram group, Discord server and more. We also take topics from other shows around the network to give our takes.

00:00 Introductions
13:40 Topic- Linux Uses and Privacy
38:31 Host Related Interest
53:27 Wrap Up
54:23 Extras

Host Related Interest Links

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    Got a PS4… not real exciting Star Wars Battlefront II is the only game I have that is of any interest.
  • Knack - Lego Vibe
  • Little Big Planet 3
  • Ratchet and Clank

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