Linux Saloon Application Appetizers

For future Application Appetizer shows on Linux Saloon, I am interested in some suggestions from the community. What apps are the kids into these days on Linux? Is there anything in particular that you enjoy using that you think the world should know about? Put it here on this thread. I can’t wait to try out some new and interesting stuff.

I was in search for a music player that was lightweight and had the ability to handle things in a certain way and somehow stumbled across MPZ.

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I was recently looking for a good markdown editor and Noah pointed me to Obisdian. I ran it and Joplin. But, after a just a couple of hours Joplin was removed in favor of Obsidian.

I love the integration with Mermaid for graphing. For example:

Hypervisor to VMs

graph TD;

Some of the characters aren’t shown above
due to how discourse and markdown handle the backtick character to show code.

Looks like this:


Oooh, I do like this. Nice and graphical! I don’t have that with my TiddlyWiki right now. I’m sure there are ways to add such functionality but I haven’t explored that.

I learned about these in the SELF 22 - Communicating Software Architecture with Open Source Tools:

I’m using this to document python scripts, but there are many uses.

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I’ll just park this right here: Mermaid Live Editor

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I found an older cli radio player called pianobar. Easy setup, requires a (free) Pandora account though. Ad-free radio from the cli, love it. :slight_smile:

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Another topic, I’ve been looking at installing Dashy for my homelab.

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I think these are some great suggestions for sure! Thank you all!

VERY interesting. I use Dia locally or sometimes LibreOffice Draw for such things but this is pretty dang slick

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I had forgotten about Dia.