Linux Mint, Peppermint, EndeavourOS, Feren OS, Parted Magic, Alpine, Purism | This Week in Linux 91


Good episode. I was wondering though about what concerns you have with Mint and whether or not the same issues apply to Linux Mint Debian Edition. Also, speaking of hardware designed for Linux, the new Mintbox 3 is released and it looks really nice.

I address some of the Linux Mint problems in Episode 153 of Destination Linux, here is the direct timestamp to that section. These are not all of the issues but its enough to explain my problems with it.

Link: Linux Mint 19.3, GNOME, Purism, Life is Strange 2, FUSE Goes Closed Source | Destination Linux 153 - YouTube

Not all of the problems with the Ubuntu base applies to the Debian version no but that is because the Debian version doesnt have everything that the Ubuntu version has but the issues that could carry over do.