Linux++: A New Weekly Article Featuring News From Around the Linux Community

Hey Everyone,

I’ve recently created a new weekly Linux article, called Linux++, that will attempt to curate the most interesting new topics involving GNU/Linux, FOSS, and the community behind it each week. I’ve been listening to DLN podcasts for quite a while now and I figured that this might be the best way that I can contribute and give back to the community that has given me so much.

Constructive criticism is definitely welcome (and very much appreciated!) as I would like to continuously improve upon how the information is presented and what topics are most important to the community.

The first issue was released last Sunday and can be found here. I would love to know what you think if you find some time to check it out!

You can follow along with the publications through Twitter @linux_plus_plus, where each issue will be posted on Sunday night.

Have a great rest of the week and long live GNU/Linux!


I can also be contacted through email at and I just started a Telegram group that you can join: Telegram: Contact @linux_plus_plus to further discuss the topics covered in Linux++ or really post anything related to GNU/Linux and the community. I really hope to have fun with this thing, I have found that I love writing about Linux and I hope that other people will enjoy it.

If you have news that you think should definitely be included in an issue, feedback about Linux++, or just want to reach out and say hello, please do not hesitate to contact me through twitter, email, or Telegram with your suggestions!


I enjoyed the first article!That was a metric ton of useful info and the presentation was visually appealing (especially all the glorious screenshots).

Thanks for including my Kubuntu Focus video!

Will give you a follow on Twitter, thanks!

Thanks for the kind words @JasonEvangelho! I really appreciate the follow and retweet as well as all the great content you put out into the world.

In fact, yesterday, on my ride to and from class, I listened to your newest L4E episode with Dustin. It was such an enveloping discussion, I missed a turn by 2 miles and had to turn around! :joy:

Keep being awesome and injecting your enthusiasm into the community!

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This is by far the highest compliment you can give me :smiley:

I don’t know much about Medium, but is it possible to subscribe to this through RSS? I couldn’t find a button.

Hey @DannyBoy, it looks like there is a way to add it to an RSS feed. Here is the link:


Hey everyone, the second issue of Linux++ is out now! Check it out and let me know what you think!


Thanks and have a great week!


It is or at least I have an RSS icon in Firefox for the extension I use to add it to my feeds.

Wow. That looks really awesome. The presentation is top notch. Added to my feeds! Kudos.

Thanks @vinylninja! Appreciate it!

Thanks for publishing this Eric. I am enjoying the coverage. Well written and good mix of topics. :+1:

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Thanks for the kind words, @EricAdams, it means a lot! Also, thank you for being the first interviewee on Linux++! I hope this segment will become extremely exciting, focusing on the expansive variety of personalities we are lucky enough to enjoy throughout the community!

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Problem is it is on Medium dot Com. That site requires some sort of account to just read the articles. Sorry, but I will not be reading anything on there because of that.

You don’t need an account. I’ve been reading them without issue.

When I try, it blocks and says I have to log in using Google, Facebook, or email

Hey @Trent, there is currently a solution in the works so that the articles will be available outside of Medium on a free-to-view platform. All older articles will also be archived for viewing there as well.

Thanks for your concern,


Ah, I see. I’m logged into Google on the same browser container that I was using to read it, so that may be why I didn’t get a prompt. Are you sure there isn’t a hidden “skip for now” button or something to that effect?

I have not an account but I was always able to read @londoed’s articles. But I agree that it is not ideal to have them on Medium only. Or more regular or standard format would be better.