Linus no-longer a programmer

Have to say reading that Linus Torvalds no-longer considers himself a programmer saddened me. Although he does issue “suggestions for corrections” in the form of pseudo-code, according to the article I read, he’s not really involved in development it seems to suggest. This coming from the genius who initiated the Linux kernel and wrote git, both of which have revolutionised the world of computing, in my opinion.

On a personal note, I’m roughly the same age as Linus and remember being fascinated by Minix at about the same time he became interested in it and started writing Linux. For me the initial interest in Linux was because the code for a complete kernel was available to read, beyond which due to GNU, code for complete, real-world applications e.g. the compiler were also available to read. Amazing! Even now I like to hop over to the kernel website to have a little browse, see what’s being added :slight_smile:

I am not bothered by this statement by him because he has to manage the code of others and so he doesnt have the time to write his own code. He pretty much explained this a few years ago in an interview and it makes sense to me. He has to be the last line of defense to make sure what goes in the kernel should be in it and since there are thousands of Linux kernel developer these days he has to manage all of that rather than writing his own.


@MichaelTunnell Of course it’s true that managing the thousands and keeping a close watch on what goes in the kernel is a big enough job, no doubt. A part of me wonders if any new problem will come along that just doesn’t have an adequate solution in Linus’s view and he finds too frustrating to not solve! I know that git builds on the heritage of earlier methods for configuration management but adds its own inventiveness in ways that have made things easier for a lot of people. I’m not sure exactly when he started working on git and when it was released but I might have a little browse out of curiosity. Actually it was when I first read of Linus’s initial frustration with Gnome 3 that I started to wonder if he might be enticed to do some DE work himself :wink:

Git was first released in 2005 because he didnt like any of the others they were using. He took a hiatus from Linux in order to make Git and once he got Git to a point where he liked it he released it and the community took it over. It has been managed by a separate project group for over a decade now.

In terms of GNOME, I think he is currently back to using GNOME for some reason but I doubt he was ever going to jump into that field because there were so many options at the time he was able to find one he didn’t mind using.

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