Librem 5, Zorin OS, Private Internet Access, UBports, Fedora, Bitwarden - Destination Linux 150


My problem with Kape buying PIA isn’t so much the adware, it’s their current lying to users with false positives to boost sales.

Some examples:
CyberGhostVPN says you’re EXPOSED when using a VPN, even the Tor Browser: Fast, Secure & Anonymous VPN service | CyberGhost VPN
DriverFix (according to Malwarebytes): Removal instructions for DriverFix - Malware Removal Self-Help Guides - Malwarebytes Forums

As for metadata there’s no ethical argument for using opt out instead of a non-defaulting choice.

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that is an interesting topic to bring up.

It looks like they just assume all connections are exposed unless they are CyberGhost. That’s a very misleading thing for sure. I connected to a VPN service for testing and it always seems to claim exposed but to be fair to them, they have no way to know what IPs are VPNs and which aren’t . . . of course they could just not claim that exposed thing.

Do you have a source that shows DriverFix is related to Kape? I couldn’t find anything that stated that on malwarebytes.

There’s no ethical argument against opt out choice. No choice has an ethical element but providing a choice is ethical.

It’s listed on the Kape products page at the bottom -


This was a fantastic episode, lots to learn and laugh at! I am more excited about the PinePhone the more I hear about it, even though the whole segment was supposed to cover the Purism device.


Thanks for the reconfirmation @MichaelTunnell . Thanks @EricAdams for grabbing the Kape link.

This stance needs a formal explanation.

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As always, a very good episode! Thanks for your work!

Regarding proprietary software in Gnome software.
Correct me if I´m wrong, but these software only shows when you, the user enable flathub repository? This is not enabled by default. So how can this be an issue with Fedora?
If you enable different repositories and use Gnome software, I expect it to show software from them.

The easier thing would be a warning when enabling different repositories, that this repository contains both free and non-free software.
I´m not a Fedora user, so I can´t test how handling of repositories work in the distribution. Maybe Fedora gives some info about different repos.

I´m on with Zebs comment, “deal with it”. :smiley:

I was waiting for a GasGeek tbh

Thanks for this episode, everyone. I’m quite interested in UBPorts and am hopeful that the PinePhone can become a standard platform for testing it. Meantime I agree it’s a good thing that developers can work from the Pi platform as I understand it, though I’m also wondering if there’s an emulated phone image that could be run in qemu the way that Android Studio platform does it, for developers to test their apps?

Limbrem 5 phone does seem to have continuing problems with delivery dates. As was said in an episode on this topic a few months ago, I think, it probably would be better to not give a launch date until it’s reasonably well established as achievable. I do hope their project all the best, especially with software, though for the moment they certainly don’t seem to have a product that’s usable.

I’ve looked and couldn’t find anything. Let me know if you find one.

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