LeoCAD 19.07.1 on Linux | Lego CAD Application

I have somewhat recently downloaded the AppImage of LeoCAD 19.07.1 for my openSUSE Tumbleweed machine to building My Own Lego Creation to Publish on Rebrickable.com. Sure it is not that spectacular of a design and it is basically a variation of a vintage set, but it’s fun to do. Yes, I am a 39 year old child that plays with Legos…

The fun thing is, it’s a GREAT application, it is open source and they build it for Linux. How cool is that!?!

The bit that is fun is creating a timeline so that when you publish it, there are some pretty snazzy interactive Build Instructions to view.


HA! I also just recently downloaded LeoCAD to fiddle with. I have a nephew who loves legos and is quite creative. When he saw this CAD software, his interest was immediately perked! What a great tool!

Thanks for sharing the Rebrickable.com link. I had not heard of this site yet, and it looks fantastic!

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This is a rabbit hole you may get sucked into for a long time, if you aren’t careful. The way I see it. Combining my love of Linux with the love of Lego and you may as well just shut the door and wait for me to emerge.

I played around with the official “LEGO Digital Designer” back when it was still developed. Even when I switched to Linux, it worked under WINE. From what I have seen, LeoCAD is a much more powerful tool, though it is not quite as simple to use as LDD.

Thanks for mentioning Rebrickable.com. While I never got into it, both of my brothers were once heavy users of MOCPages, a site developed and sponsored by Sean Kenney. Notoriously unstable even when it was at its most popular, the site was neglected by the author for several years before shutting down without warning last month. Perhaps they would find Rebrickable a good alternative.

Also, while I am a lover of BIONICLE I myself, I must say Blacktron I is also in excellent taste. :sunglasses:

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@CubicleNate So, I saw the ones you posted on Rebrickable.com. Did you build those posting from the plans of the actual lego models, and thus had the photos of the original creation? Those turned out sharp.

It is kind of a process. I have an idea, start to build it, don’t have the parts, take it to LeoCAD, and figure out what parts would be best, go to Bricklink.com and order what I need, then actually create it. So you see the final product that takes about 2 or 3 weeks to actually go from start to finish.

I MOSTLY do this as an education thing with my kids to stoke their imagination and technical abilities.

Thank you for the kind words!

Rebrickable is pretty great. I have purchased some BIONICLE parts to create a kind of Blacktron version of a Bionicle or something like a Mech but I can’t seem to get anything right.

I haven’t tried LEGO Digital Designer but I’ve heard about it. I found LeoCAD and just haven’t moved from there.

Doing constraction figures in LeoCAD is actually quite difficult. My brother told me he had to turn off collisions to get all of the pieces to fit.

Collision Detection? I haven’t played with that! Something new to play with!!!