Leo Laporte setting up Discourse forums

On his Saturday show he said that he has set it up for TWIT. He’s probably been looking at Destination Linux, I know he runs all Linux (Pop!OS) machines at home.

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I think this is the only explanation possible for why he is doing it so . . . yep agreed. :smiley:

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I, for one, am glad to see more usage of Discourse forums in the Linux community. There is such an oddball potpourri out there (of different sorts of forum-like technologies), which are far, far less modern and elegant, which these communities have been using perhaps a little too long (and are oftentimes not smartphone friendly).

I’m tapping this message on a LineageOS smartphone now, and appreciate that Discourse facilitates this. I frankly have no patience to try to use, for example, a cumbersome IRC client from my phone. It’s just not a phone-friendly technology, and was never designed that way, way back in the day.

The next generation of (potential) Linux-using kids have been using smartphones ever since they were in the crib, pretty much. They have been spoiled by the convenience of Apps like Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, etc, so the bar has unfortunately been raised, folks, in terms of usability, if we’d like to attract them to our communities (and I’m no fan of JavaScript BTW, but it’s a necessary evil sometimes, I’ve now come to see).

PS: Dear Debian, please install Discourse!! You can afford a few beefy servers now to run it, you know.


Debian is still reeling from their edgy decision on the systemd debacle of 2014 and now you want them to rollout a Discourse server??

(I love Debian BTW, just poking some fun)