KDE, Gnome, Debian common FlatPak store?

“Now, leaders from the GNOME Foundation and KDE Foundation, along with Debian Linux, are considering solving that by building an app store on top of Flatpak, a universal Linux software deployment and package management program.”

"…as laid out in former Google chairman Eric Schmidt’s Plaintext Group, the proposal is to “Promote diversity and sustainability in the Linux desktop community by adding payments, donations, and subscriptions to the Flathub app store.” "

"Why Flakpak, instead of its chief rival, Snaps? They explained, “Flathub is a vendor-neutral service for Linux application developers to build and publish their applications directly to their end users. A healthy application ecosystem is essential for the success of the open-source software desktop, so end-users can trust and control their data and development platforms on the device in front of them.” "

"On the other hand, the Flatpak store supporters state, “Our largest ‘competitor’ in the Linux app store space is Canonical’s Snap Store, which (aside from any debates as to the relative technical merits of Flatpaks versus Snaps) sits under the control of one corporate entity rather than a community-controlled nonprofit, requiring copyright assignments for contributions to both Snap and the Store, and effectively making it very hard or unappealing to run your own stores.” "

I do think this is interesting but I also think people are looking into this a bit too much. I could be wrong but I dont think Debian is involved in this other than one of the people backing it is part of Debian. It seems based on the wording to be just an effort between GNOME and KDE. Though it is worth noting that this is only a request for funding, there is no telling when or if they will get any funding for this.

With all that said, I would love to see the FlatHub become an actual store and offer developers a way to get paid however they want. That would be freaking awesome!