Hi guys and gals!

Just introducing myself since I’ve been lurking as a DLN viewer/listener for awhile now. I’m a semiconductor device engineer at a semiconductor company and have been a linux user since 1994 when I went to a university computer lab and downloaded Slackware on a fist full of floppies so that I could install on my 486 pc with 4M of ram. :slight_smile:

On my personal computers, I’m currently mostly running Fedora 31 (and 32 beta on a few laptops.) On my work laptop, I have to run Windows 10, but I am using linux through WSL (Ubuntu) and on a remote server (CentOS) that I have use for some automated jobs.

I really enjoy the content and am happy to see that the community is growing! Keep up the great work!



Hello! Glad you decided to join and say hello. Welcome to the forum.


Welcome to the DLN Forum! Thank you for being a member of the community and introducing yourself. I hadn’t thought of having an introductions section but maybe there should be one of those for people who first join. Hmm :slight_smile:


I was afraid I had missed an introductions section, but I saw another one in the off-topics section and figured I’d just put it there.

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Big welcome ElectronFrost.

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Hello and welcome to the community!

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A big welcome and a lot of virtual hugs. :wink: