Installing JRE in Arch

I’m running Endeavour KDE on my desktop. I’m trying to install some grammar extensions in LibreOffice but it keeps coming up that I have to install Jave Runtime Environment to install the extensions. Is that advisable and what is the best way to install JRE if it is? Thanks

I usually install all LibreOffice extensions from the repos.

But if you need to install the Java environment, that would sound strange to me in this context, then you can install OpenJDK. It should be in the Arch repos.

What is the name of this extension?

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As long as you install version 8 or higher it should work.

OpenJDK is supported so that would be my choice.

You can install multiple versions and use archlinux-java to set the active runtime/jdk

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The extension I tried to install was Language Tool.

Interesting extension. It basically does the grammar and spell check. Like I said I already use the tools provided by the operating system. Not sure what LanguageTool does better than regular grammar check.