If you could write an open letter to Linus Torvalds, what nice things would you say?

I’ll go first.

Dear Linus Torvalds,

Thanks for all your hard work on Linux :penguin: and git. Your focus and ability to not be distracted by all the shiny new gadgets in the world is a great asset to us all, and sets an inspiring example. Thanks for making a iron-willed stand for what you believe in. :muscle:

Linux (as in, Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint) was the only thing I found rewarding to learn (in a longer term sense), and sort of hitch my wagon to, having gone to university and obtained a computer science degree. After uni, I was able to work in the IT industry for about 6 years, always heavily centered around Linux, and that income really went a long way in my life to fulfilling my life dreams. So even though you don’t know who I am, you’ve made a big impact in my life, far outside the realm of computers.

I hope some talented documentary-maker (backed by a team of talented artists) one day captures the essence of the whole ecosystem you’ve been very helpful towards setting in motion. I feel the story hasn’t been truly told or revealed in its essence yet. :trophy:

Please don’t die anytime soon,
Esbeeb :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d say: Yo Torvalds, why a penguin ?

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