I just got too fed up, so I

I’m new to the community, but I figured I’d start here with a bit of a game. Finish the sentence, “I just got too fed up, so I…”

I can start: I just got too fed up today, so I’m using vanilla Gnome as a DE.

I’m a tilingWM person-thing at heart. I’ve been using SwayWM (i3 before that) and I have my environment scripted and all my dots checked into a private git repo, so setting up Manjaro just the way I like it should be no big deal, right? (Don’t get me started on vanilla Arch, I get it, I’m one of you, but only when I have time.) For whatever reason, I’ve been running into issues with everything from GDM recognizing a sway session to swayidle and swaylock not working. I use Sway overtop of a manjaro gnome base but I’ve just decided to move my “Tiling environment” into tmux/vim and call it a day.

So far? It’s pretty weird. All of the shortcuts need to be tossed in the skip and reset, but hey better the DE that works than a DE that doesn’t. Amirite?


I just got too fed up today, so I created a new profile and imported all my data from my usual user

My regular user account got messed up–I had a single / drive that also temporarily acted as my /home storage until I could get my ZFS drive imported into Ubuntu, then I upgraded from 19.04 to 19.10 which natively supports ZFS and successfully imported my ZFS drive (which is my /home), but after a reinstall I am unable to log into my regular user account, despite having the correct permissions and owners set on all files.

So I created another user account and have migrated all of the important user information to it.

Dang, that’s a pain. Migrating user configs and resetting ownership and permissions is tedious work. Everything transfer over alright?


Everything I’ve transferred so far. Thankfully it’s been a simple sudo mv old/folder new/folder && sudo chmod -R user:user new/folder, but I’m only doing it one at a time as I need stuff

@RiderExMachina I think what always worries me is any silent failures, that I won’t realize are broken until a year later… though I suppose anything I don’t notice for a year probably isn’t that important :stuck_out_tongue: