How do I get rid of this Tab in FireFox

How do I get rid of this?

Please provide as much information as possible to allow others to assist you. The more information you can provide the better.

I do not think there is a way. Each website has it’s own tab even if it is the only website. I believe there used to be a setting for this but I’ve searched through the about:config and could not find anything.

Yah cause like yesterday it wasn’t there and then Fire Fox updated and now here it is. Its annoying. Thanks for responding, appreciate it.

Yes, firefox updated to version 89. But this was there in the previous version as well.

As on option, LibreWolf places the tabs inside the top window decoration which takes up less space. It’s a fork of Firefox focused on privacy/security.

Correction: This is a feature that comes from Firefox, LibreWolf just turns it on by default. (see: Ethanol’s comment below)


Firefox does this as well if you remove the title bar through the “customize” menu


Learned something new today, thank you!


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There is a way to get rid of Tabs bar entirely but it will also remove tabs completely so you’d need some sort of compensation extension if you do this.

I think the best option is simply to move the tabs into the titlebar section via the Customize menu so you can remove the main menu essentially as that is really what is wasting the vertical space.

With that said, if you really want to hide the tabbar then here’s how to do that. If you do this I would highly recommend considering an extension to put your tabs in the sidebar so they are easily accessible if you want them.

Ok well thanks for the reply. I guess it’s old hat to you guys on how to “move the tabs into the titlebar” but it’s not to me. So how would you do that?

And let’s say I did go through the process of actually removing the tabs like you said, what extension would I need? Like…I’m not sure how that would work I guess. What extension would you suggest I have for the tabs if I went through the second process?

Thank you, your time is much appreciated.

Well never mind about the first fix you suggested I figured it out. But I’m still curious about and extension for my tabs. Thanks again

I linked to a search on Firefox Extensions marketplace before because the way they all work is going to be different for your preference rather than just linking one.

I like Sidebery, Simple Tab Groups and Tab Stash looks very interesting though I haven’t tried this one yet. I think any of these sidebar tab options will be worth giving a look if you decide to go this route but hiding the tabbar isnt for everyone. Honestly, it wasnt for me either until a couple of months ago. :smiley: