High def camera on macbook

Hey guys, I have a question pertaining to cameras, Macs, and eGPUs so I thought this might be a good place to put it. I have a friend who has recently purchased a high resolution (2-4K I don’t remember) camera to use as a webcam on his 2015 MacBook. However when the camera is activated he fans go to top speed and the machine slows to a crawl. Would an eGPU solve this problem, or is the only option upgrading? If an eGPU could help, which one would you recommend? Regards ComputerKid

I’m 99.97% sure that this model does not have Thunderbolt. That would make an eGPU setup impossible. The 2015 MacBook Pro has Thunderbolt 2 which might be able to do it (EDIT: The MacBook Air 2015 also has Thunderbolt 2.) , I’ve seen people online claim to do it, but in my opinion eGPUs don’t really become viable until Thunderbolt 3.

Edit 2: i’m also not sure it would solve your problem because the WebCam software would have to know to use the hardware encoding/decoding capabilities of the eGPU. I’m not familiar enough with WebCams to know how easy or hard this is.

According MacTracker the 2015 MacBook is indeed note thunderbolt equipped. But this will be my only help as I don’t know much on the subject :roll_eyes: