Help Wanted

Sorry, but no it’s not a job offer.

I am looking for/need some contributors if anyone is interested to bring back a defunct Linux distro.
This distro was bought out, then shuttered. Some time ago, the domains were let expire by the purchaser. I manage to grab the .org one, and have been sitting on it for a while now. I would like to at least have a functioning distro before spouting the name all over the place.

I think it is time I get serious about bringing it back

I have not had any experience with making a Linux distribution, so I have been fooling around with Linux From Scratch for a few months now. After finally getting some sort of X Desktop going, I then figure this is not a way to go. It is very tedious trying to do all those thousands of packages by hand, then when there is an update; wow.

I can now see why people are forking over other distros. Package management is a nontrivial task for sure. With that, I think forking is the only way to go.

Why bring this back, or why need another distro? Well, it was quite popular. Even popular enough that you could purchase refurbished HP Desktop Computers at Fry’s Electronics with it installed. That is how I found out about it.

Goals of this project:

  1. Fork Debian, or Ubuntu (why? Original one was a fork of Debian, and these are probably the most supported Linux distros)
  2. Make installation very easy
  3. Address issues described in this thread / article Article:2 Ways That Desktop Linux Can Improve And Capture A Larger Audience
  4. Include non Open Source software,and/or make it very easy to install (native Drivers for graphics cards, Skype, Spotify client, etc.),
  5. Make it easy to use, and similar to Windows much as possible (people do no like change)
  6. Make a store (Like the Microsoft store in Windows 10) for developers to sell their goods

I am hoping people with experience with building up Linux distros can help out. I know people are busy with other things in life, but do need people who think they can contribute on an on going basis.

For example, someone without me asking, volunteered to work on the web site. Said they would had time to do it. Now nothing from them in a month, saying they don’t have to work on it. I am not expecting daily updates, but maybe something once a week?

Group communication can be done on Freenode, or open to suggestions for something else.

Send PM if interested, or reply here for more information/discussion

Thanks for reading!

What was the name of the original distro? Also, if it is Debian based, I can link to some videos on instructions of how to make it with live-build. Also to include the Calamares installer on the live environment.

I am not ready to push the name out yet. I need to file Trade Mark name on it which I will start soon.

I think I am going with Debian, so yes do link some videos. Make that will help out some.

However, eventually, I am going to have to do my own packaging.

If it is the distro I’m thinking of, I believe Microsoft owns the trademark.

No. the name Microsoft owned ended in .com and that one has, due to no usage, expired. Also, the name was actually never transferred over to them. This exact name I will use has never been filed.

I can only help in the most basic of unskilled ways but I’ve always wanted to get involved with a distro. I’ll be following this closely

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