Hello from Europe

Hello everyone, I am Alex from Europe, I work as a data scientist in an R&D institute based in Europe. I am Linux data scientist by day, Linux gamer by night (technically I game at work if I get the time). I am big fan of the show for years, always avoid social media, but I make exceptions for forums and communities that are Linux (since based on my experience in Linux) Linux communities always rock.
I always wanted to join online Linux communities, but never found the time, now I found the time to do it.

I use 99% Linux (Router,IoT, Phone, PC +1% Legacy BSD like Endian firewall) and 99% FOSS (maybe 1% of games are not FOSS). My work Linux is RedHat/CentOS/Fedora for the past 10years, currently Fedora + Fedora Silverblue and CentOS NextCloud server, home entertainment PC is arch manjaro.
Over the years I have tried almost all linux version, debian, suse, gentoo, arch, nixos, red hat ent. linux.
Red Hat based always works great for my work and I plan to stick with it over the years to come.

My company is fully FOSS and I even converted few friends from mac and windosw to Linux (I used to recommend Fedora at first, then ubuntu/elementary and Linux Mint, now I recommend Arch Manjaro).
I have joined discord, I will probably join matrix riot iM, but I am not sure about telegram (no SIM to join).

I am not really a Linux expert, I just have experience as Linux telecom sysadmin and university lecturer in operating systems and internet technologies. I am a regular Linux power user + Linux gamer, but I am expert in using Linux for research and in the data science so I am happy to share the my knowledge.

EDIT: thanks for the welcome wishes apologies that I cannot reply their is a limit as new user about number of posts, so I have a post freeze (cannot reply to a post or make a post) for the next 24 hours.

I am glad I joined this wonderful community, wishing everyone a great day and weekend ahead.
Regards, Ari


Welcome to the community, glad you finally joined.

Your background is interesting and fits perfectly and of course it is nice to hear that your actual job is very much Linux related.

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well I use Linux at work and at home on everything phone pc so I am more of a daily user then enthusiast, but I like how enthusiasts sounds, far more then Linux power user, thanks for the comment.

Well my actual job is 99% Linux 1% BSD (legacy systems) everyone in my team and company uses Linux I use Linux for the past 10 years (only Linux) even at home IoT, Router, PC, Tablet, Phone, at home my only non Linux is my BSD firewall endian community edition.
We are only a research institute we help develop the data science (AI/ML/NPL/BigData) apps the maintenance and operational life time of it that is part of some other company, but in any case we only use Linux and we always use FOSS, no windosw no macos, it works for us for many years.

So yeah true I joined my new company 9 years ago because they used FOSS and Linux and I moved to the Corporations R&D team few years back to use all the cutting edge Linux can offers at the moment. Fedora Silverblue (the immutable OS) is quite interesting topic for testing as a work product.

Regards, Alex

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editing doesn’t work so correction here, not BSD Like Endian …, “BSD and Endian firewall”, autocorrect on my tablet messed it up I guess still new to KDE, but the plasma is really cool. my BSD firewall is PfSense + my custom router Endian+ OpenWRT, Endian,OpenWRT are based on Linux. PfSense if BSD.

Regards, Alex