Hello everyone!

Well, after watching the show forever, I’ve finally got around to joining the forum. So I’d just like to say hello, and hope I can help a bit.


Welcome to the forum!


I hope your PSU fails Michael. I hate that meme. :wink: lol

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Hello @vskye, welcome aboard.

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Greetings and Salutations @vskye!!! Welcome - and thank you for saying hello! I think it’s great that you rise above lurkdom and introduce yourself!

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Is this from Austin Powers?! They were funny but you have to be in the right mood for 'em :slight_smile:

Yes :+1:


Welcome. >20 characters

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Welcome aboard.

I absolutely hate the 20 character limit. If any mods are reading this, please take note that this limitation stops me from responding to a lot of posts.

What am I missing regarding a 20 character limit???

Fair point. I have reduced it to 10. Hope that helps.


It does, 10 characters better. lol, thx !!!

Lol Michael. I remember playing that game when I was younger. :wink:

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Thank you >10 characters

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Its not a limit, rather its a minimum requirement of how many characters are needed before the forum will let you send a post.

Its so people aren’t making messages of something like “sup” over and over. It’s also a spam deterrent.

With that said, 20 might be a bit much. This is the default for discourse but I think 10 is enough. Thanks for making that change @EricAdams

lol fair point but just add punctuation and it works fine. :smiley: “thank you.”

“thank you.” @MichaelTunnell

Ok i’ll stop being a jacka$$ now lol

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Late to the party but a big big welcome @vskye!

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Interesting, I found this to stop me from replying to a post, not making a second post.

Yay! BTW: Just hitting the heart button is my default 1-char response.