Have i been FLoCed?

The Federated Learning of Cohorts is Google’s idea for replacing the third party cookie.
Here’s why the EFF thinks it’s a bad idea:

A nice 2 part review about this can be found on the firewalls don’t stop dragons podcast.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Of course, they would never just scale back cookies – but replace them with something more sinister and invading. These people will be driving me to Tails and Tor – not to hide anything nefarious – just to have simple privacy from ad hounds.


Indeed. That’s why i’ve invested in a good vpn some time ago and are taking steps to ensure (or at least give it a very good try) my privacy.
It seems that a large part of the internet is becoming such a waistbucket, it’s not even fun anymore.
Allthough i understand that somebody has to pay the bills to keep things going, i can’t help thinking that this could be done in another way. A way that doesn’t need this tracking, spying, etc, and selling user data. (More like selling human beings all over again to the highest bidder, only now more covert).

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