Hardware Addicts 9: Apple iPhone 2nd Gen SE, Floating iPads, New Ryzen Build, Camera Sensors & More

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I normally ask for a 4 shot espresso, now I have to try the 6. :coffee:

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I never thought I’d say this, but the iPhone SE is more appealing to me than flagship Android devices. I don’t do much on my phone… It’s basically a glorified podcast player that sometimes receives messages, so I still use a Samsung Galaxy S5, because a new phone just doesn’t make sense for me. I’ve kept the software as secure and up-to-date as possible using LineageOS, and I believe version 17.1 (based on android 10) will be available for the S5 as well as my OnePlus One.

The main thing I care about is longevity of the device through continued security updates, since a new phone would be at least a five year investment for me. The problem there is I simply don’t trust Samsung or any Android device manufacturer to provide timely updates for more than two or three years.

I suppose the TL;DR of my ramblings is that I’m not quite ready to yell “TAKE MY MONEY!” If I were to somehow manage to drop both of my phones down the toilet simultaneously, I’d probably go out and buy some cheap used phone that supports LineageOS, but If that wasn’t an option for whatever reason, I’d maybe consider the iPhone SE over a Galaxy S20.

I don’t know what’s wrong with red phones. Batman had a red phone, so they must be cool! :bat:

Thanks, everyone, for another very engaging show!

Even though this was a year ago, I’m surprised to find Apple seemed to be chasing the kind of unified device dream that MS and Ubuntu gave-up on a while back. I agree, @dasgeek that Apple often produces high-quality hardware devices that are more secure, though one has to wonder with all their wall-gardens and closed… erm… pretty-much everything, how they could possibly not be more secure than other options? I’m not tempted, not at any price. Really don’t want their eco-systems, or Microsoft’s or Google’s frankly. Linux OSes for phones and tablets, please asap!

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