Hardware Addicts 4: Intel Fires Back, Thermal Paste Maintenance & Camera Sensor Sizes


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Thanks for the show!
Regarding the thermal paste application, do I understand it right that you do not spread the paste on the CPU? just draw a “P” on it and install the heat sink on top?
Every time I change thermal paste on my processors (I only done so on laptops) I spread the paste evenly prior to heat sink installation. Do I waste my time?

The process of pressing the heatsink onto the processor should evenly distribute the paste, if I remember correctly. I was taught just to dab a little dot and then press on the sink, not actually spread it out before.

(Of course, it’s possible I was taught wrong. This was high school.)

Is it possible that it depends on type of CPU? I’ve seen modern desctop CPUs coming with some metal cap installed. All CPUs I’ve dealt with before do not have such cap.

I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t built a desktop in many moons - so it’s entirely possible.

Because I need to replace my thermal paste on all my computers (every machine is at least 6 years old), I recently listened to this episode again. Thank you for providing the information, but I am not sure about one thing (there are conflicting opinions about this on the web): Is it needed to reapply your thermal paste also on the GPU? And if needed, as often as it is needed on the CPU? It seems (for desktop PCs) a lot more complicated than on the CPU, so I wanted to ask here about your opinions.