Granddad Needs Apps

My granddad recently installed Linux, and he has asked me for a few app recommendations to replace things he had been using on Windows. I know of command-line solutions to his problems, but as we all know, GUIs are sometimes more comfortable to work with, especially when you are new to Linux. The requests I’ve gotten are as follows:

  • A program that can search the contents of files, including LibreOffice documents. ripgrep-all is my command-line answer here.
  • A program that can reduce the size of images. I know of three programs that can handle this: GIMP and ImageMagick’s convert and mogrify commands. However, GIMP is very complex and the ImageMagick utilities, of course, are command-line apps. If anyone knows of a simple GUI that can accomplish this, I would be much obliged.

Thank you!

Second on catfish. In the gear icon (upper R corner) you will find a check box for “Search file contents”

catfish Screenshot_2021-02-10_20-44-18

Docfetcher has a nice GUI.


For resizing images, If the distro uses Nautilus then nautilus-image-converter is pretty simple and easy to use and uses ImageMagick as it’s backend.


I didn’t know about this plugin. Easy resize and rotate right in the file manager. Thanks!