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Hey gang,

I wanted to know if anyone has any experience with Godot. They just came out with a new release that looks very promising (Godot 3.2). I’ve meddled with Unity some, but the fact that there exists a FOSS alternative makes me automatically want to try Godot and see what it’s like. I’ve messed around with some Youtube tutorials, but I’m a novice. I’m working on scene design and character sculpting in Blender right now, but I’d love to be able to set up a playable scene in Godot at some point in the near future.

Anyone have any good advice on getting started or helpful tutorials they used to get going?


I’ve made one little 2D game as a tutorial.
For game engine, Godot is really easy to use. You just make right node and put all setting in :grinning:

I’d recommend going with tutorials and once you have basic knowledge trying to create your own simple game from start, reading up on things you don’t know.

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I’m interested in 3d games, and it doesn’t seem like there are very many free tutorials posted about how to do this yet, at least on Youtube. I’ll keep reading and learning as much as I can. Thanks for the encouragement!

While there are some differences, 2D and 3D work similarly in Godot so learning 2D and then moving to 3D from that surely wouldn’t hurt. (Actually its’ kinda what I did when I used Godot as engine for face tracking application).

I used resources from Godot itself to learn it: Step by step — Godot Engine (3.2) documentation in English
Once I had basic knowledge I would just try doing whatever I want to do with help of documentation and internet.

Godot Q&A is good place to ask if you are having problems with something.

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