Gnome Classic and other "alternative interfaces"

As of Debian 10 Stable release, I’m a Gnome user for most of my needs. It does fascinate me that “Gnome Classic” is also available, though I’ve never heard of anyone using it.

I’d like to hear from anyone who uses Gnome Classic, or alternative user interfaces in any other applications. E.g. does anyone prefer the ribbon-like interface in LibreOffice? Does anyone not prefer the single window mode in the GNU Image Manipulation Program?

I know the history of this goes way back. Apparently Emacs has a vi mode. I do believe Word 2 for Windows had a WordPerfect mode, if memory serves me correctly, going back a quarter of a century…!

As far as alternative interfaces go, I wish, on the rare occasions that I have to use Windows, I could somehow install Gnome on top of it. Would get my work done much faster :wink:

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I’m sure there are some people who use GNOME Classic but I would guess that most people looking for that experience are probably using something like MATE at this point.

I do like the LibreOffice tabbed interface. The default one is a little too busy so dividing it up into logical sections makes it easier for me to use.

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I don’t know how it is now, but years ago when I tried GNOME Classic it seemed like GNOME 3 trying to mimic GNOME 2, but not nearly as good as GNOME 2. I never could get into GNOME 3 though, so I don’t know.

For me, Mate was better option, but at the same time for some reason it wasn’t as good as I remember GNOME 2 being. At the end of the day I just ended up on KDE.


My guess would be people with 2 or more monitors, the image window on one monitor and the other 2 windows on a 2nd monitor, thus maximising the image beig worked on.

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Sounds useful in that case, definitely. I’ve never had the luxury of more than one monitor though - I’m sure it has many advantages, like being able to see two workspaces simultaneously.