Gmail to protonmail migration STARTED!

Not sure how many years this is going to take. lol…

I’m starting with every entry in bitwarden and will see what is still going to gmail after that.


Do you use Google Drive or Gsuite at all? I am wondering what your solution is for that.

I have dropbox and gdrive, but I don’t really use either.

I’m looking for a solution for this as well.

I will be interested in your solutions. I have been using Syncthing for most of my file synchronization tools because there isn’t one single point of failure but I don’t have a nice way to access with the Gdrive / Dropbox web way. Although, I can use Kio slaves in Plasma to make it work well enough on machines… :man_shrugging:

Still, please share as you progress!

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I’m not migrating all messages. Proton’s migration bridge is, from my understanding, OSX and Windows only. Besides, this is that chance to clean up a bunch of crap.

Migrating google contacts was very easy.

I will be manually selecting messages to migrate into protonmail. I’ll keep gmail until there’s nothing left.

Good to know. I’ll grab the flatpak.

A tip: with a custom domain, you can have disposable email addresses in Protonmail.
Create an alias on custom domain, do whatever you need with it, delete the associated emails or forward them to yourself via your main email (or the next step will fail), delete the alias. Rinse and repeat.
Source: using Protonmail for several months, nice experience.

Kudos. I too migrated from Gmail to Protonmail. :smiley:


Perhaps Nextcloud 18 hosted on a Digital Ocean droplet? There’s a 1-click install for it.


I’m using pcloud and will possible migrate to Proton Drive when it comes out. :grin:

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