Giving Back to OUR Community

While I’m not money pockets and nobody will get rich off me, I’ve heard a lot from people like @EricAdams talk about donating to people that bring me a product that I like here in the Linux community. Using Patreon I’ve taken that step to help people in our community. I’m old and haven’t had a raise in probably over 20 years so my donations are minimum, but I hope other people will at least do the minimum in 2020 so that maybe some of that money will add up.

I support Linux for Everyone (@JasonEvangelho) because of his new podcast. His first few videos were spot on and I love his podcast. His articles on Forbes are outstanding and half the time when they show up on my feed I don’t pay attention to who is writing them until after I read the article. Jason writes some powerful articles on the positive side of Linux. He’s a great ambassador.

My first Patreon support went to BDLL. I love the show and the participation of the community both on BDLL and the BDLL Discourse site, To me, Rocco along with the BDLL show and this community make my week.

The same thing goes to this site, DLN and the show that this community supports. The friendly banter during the show, whether it be hot or cold sandwiches or stools are fun and their news can be a heavy debate without complete agreement. Mike, Zeb, Noah, and Ryan really put on a good show. They even give back to the community, like the Free Geek program and Zebs 22 hours of fun and 2 hours of hell. During the show, he said never again and today on this forum he said it will be a long time. Which will it be?

For disclosure, I gave DistroTube support with Patreon and I bought Erik Dubois of ArcoLinux a couple of cups of coffee for the 1000+ videos he puts out.

If you are not making a small donation I ask you to rethink that. If enough people give at least the minimum then that will add up. It doesn’t have to be monthly and it doesn’t have to be anybody we know, maybe the Gnome Foundation, KDE, EndeavourOS, MX Linux, Elementary, Mint, Manjaro or even Ubuntu. Buy one T-shirt this year. Nobody is going to be rich off this, and as for how the money they will spend, well if we trust them enough to download secure ISO’s from some of these people, I think they can manage to use the money wisely.


Great topic @lqlarry. I am also on a limited income and can’t give as much as I’d like. I’d say I’ve given around $300 this year in small amounts to many different developers. I figure $5 or $10 is enough to show appreciation and be meaningful, especially if enough people donate.

But beyond the money, we definitely should be telling developers that we are happy users and like what they do. We all can afford the time to reach out and say thanks. It means more than you might think.


It must have been an imposter who said “a long time” lol

Never again will I attempt a 24hr live stream.

Thank you for supporting our Communities

Best Regards Zeb…


Great topic to start of the new year with!

Shall we add to this post the ways in which the community can contribute to the vast assortment of FOSS projects?

It can also act as a source for discovery for the community while bringing awareness to the importance of supporting FOSS - a compendium of sorts (links to projects/organizations/content creators/etc, ways to help links, etc).


That was not what I was thinking when I posted this but t think You have a great idea! Here’s 5 off the top of my head.


Thank you so much for your support, and for encouraging others to follow your footsteps.

There is no small or inconsequential donation amounts. It adds up, and I know all the creators you’re supporting sinxereky appreciate it!


In spirit of keeping things organized, should probably have a master post with a consolidation of the contribution links. I’ll add a few:

Content Creators

TuxDigital -

DasGeek -

Ask Noah Show -

Organizations / Projects



The Linux Foundation -

Free Software Foundation (FSF) -

Software in the Public Interest (SPI) -

The Document Foundation (LibreOffice) -

Signal -

VideoLAN -


Debian -

Fedora -

Arch -

CentOS -

openSUSE -!/

Peppermint -

MX Linux -

EndeavourOS -

Linux Mint -

Kubuntu -

elementary OS -

Raspbian -

I currently support elementary os and linux 4 everyone on patron.
every little bit counts.

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