Game Sphere Weekly Livestream

Alrighty, folks so I will be doing another Game Sphere live stream this Monday at 9 pm EST. I want to make this a weekly event for the community though. So I want you folks to have a say in what games get played on stream.

With that I will be posting weekly polls and taking suggestions for games to add to said poll, I will compile that list on Friday. Then put up a new poll with games from your suggestions and other sources for you to vote on. There are no limits but do note that I want to keep the streams family-friendly so please keep your recommendations to T for Teen rated games or the movie equivalent of PG-13.
Also, be sure to subscribe to the Game Sphere Youtube channel as well

Game Choices for Stream for 2/21

  • Heliborne Collection (Action Game)
  • Gamedec (Cyberpunk Isometric RPG)
  • Guntech 2 ( Shump aka Shootem Up)
  • Spellmaster: The Saga (Open World RPG)
  • 35MM (Nintendo Switch) (Exploration Adventure Game)

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