Funny to us

Are there any observations about life the universe and everything which are particularly funny to you are a Linux user which would fall dead flat to anyone else?

I’ll start by saying every time I type “gnome extensions” into my duck duck the top two answers are for sites selling garden gnomes. I should make a shortcut to the page I want, but its too funny to just search not to.

Maybe its just me.

Sometimes people wonder why my audio player is called DeaDBeeF.

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“Because Foobar2000 isn’t cross platform, that’s why.”

As they smile and walk away more confused then before they asked.


But I can also tell them that I can run it inside (a) Wine (bottle). As a matter of fact I do that because I love the tagging and replay gain capabilities of Foobar but do not use it as my main audio player regardless that it works almost perfectly.


The fact that vi improved is vim, sc improved is scim but nobody wants to improve scrot for some reason …