FOSDEM 2021 online via Matrix

Title says it all. This Belgian “meetup” :grinning: is going online via Matrix this year. (and a big thank you to Matrix for helping out!).
So if you’re finding yourself unable to travel, you can still be there. :crazy_face:

Don’t know what FOSDEM is? Have a look here:


Thanks for this - looks pretty awesome. I’m really enjoying hearing matrix is being used for this :slight_smile:

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They sure have high ambitions. They will be weaving together a cacophonous pastiche of the following Open Source chat protocols:

  • Matrix protocol
  • XMPP
  • IRC
  • Jitsi

IMHO, I wish they would just pick one thing (where account creation is free), and stick with it.

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Ah, but it’s a Belgian thing… And we keep ourselves to our traditions. (Just take a look at our politics. Total mess. :laughing:)
But! Where our politicians usually fail, the people behind FOSDEM, are pretty smart. You can find a good deal of them at HXBXL. (a well known Brussels hackerspace). They know what they’re doing. I’m confident that, even though it might look like a cacophony, they’ve got it all figured out. Just like the regular conferences in the past.
I’m sure that this one too, will be a blast.

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And it’s starting soon.

Join Matrix server if you want to attend! :slight_smile:


Here’s a nice writeup as to how all the infrastructure they set up performed, for the ~30K online attendees:


Yep, seems i was right. Great online conference. Those guys put Matrix to the test and it took it all.