FOSDEM 2020 presentations posted for viewing

If you know what room a given talk was presented in, the FOSDEM 2020 videos are now available for downloading (but don’t seem to be posted in Youtube yet):

FOSDEM 2020’s live-streaming page is here.

Scheduled talks are listed here.

The talk I’d like to watch livestreamed is where an explanation is given of the wild and crazy ARM boards (“FOSDEM Video Box” HDMI capturing devices) they use during the conference to capture both the video output of all presenters laptops, and the video and audio of the camera filming of the presenter. Serious video hackery accomplishes this. These video geeks are a rare breed of special ultra-nerds (Hint: check out the bio of Luc Verhaegen). And I mean that in the nicest way possible. :slightly_smiling_face:

They inexpensively stream 720p videos of all 800+ presentations! This is a small miracle, IMHO.


I am attending FOSDEM and am gonna attend the following talks:

  • Welcome to FOSDEM 2020
  • The Linux Kernel: We Have To Finish This Thing One Day
  • Discover UEFI With U-Boot
  • Kubernetes On Aarch64
  • Closing FOSDEM 2020
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FOSDEM takes place at the ULB Solbosch Campus, Brussels, Belgium , Europe, Earth.

I’m glad they clarified Earth. :grinning:

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I usually go through the talks after they are finished and watch them online or download them.
So my list of talks will happen after the event.

FYI, the Opening Keynote speech starts in about 30 min from the time of this post.

The streamed video is choppy for me, whether I use their webpage-embedded viewer, or open their .m3u8 link in VLC. I’m not sure whether to blame my own Cellular provider (same chopiness with and without a VPN connection turned on), or the bottleneck is on their side.

The 360p-ish video only needs about 150KB/sec, sustained, and I know my cellular provider can easily handle (like 5-8x) that.

Is the streaming video smooth for anyone else out there?

I guess I’ll wait for the Youtube talks, @vinylninja

Probably overloaded. As I said, I’ll wait. :slight_smile:

I tried again today, it’s still Chopper City.

I wish the presenters would use a HUGE font in their presentation slides, then the video resolution for streaming could be even smaller, say 240p. Or even have an audio-only stream (like 15 KB/sec), then just post the actual LibreOffice presentation slide deck (which contains an optional photo of the presenter on the first page, so you can put a face to the voice) as a downloadable file, which the listener just follows along with, in LibreOffice Impress.

Ok, hack of blinding genius:

They convert infrared signals to sound waveforms, then play back the sound waveforms later, when they want, to generate/mimic the IR output that came out of a remote control.

They’re making a new generation of Video box, documenting it here:

If you know what room a given talk was presented in, the FOSDEM 2020 videos are now available for downloading (but don’t seem to be posted in Youtube yet):

For example, here is that talk above that I was wanting to see (and I happen to know the talk was given in room “K.4.401”):

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I’m looking forward to watching, reinventing home directories

I changed the category to “Shows”, because now there actually many videos which can be viewed. These videos (at present) aren’t on Youtube, which some community members are wanting to see more of.

As seen just above (thanks, @douhunt ), just linking to one seems to magically create an embedded Youtube-like experience (which the Discourse platform is embellishing the video files with). Maybe that’s worth contemplating: videos simply tossed up onto a simple webserver, like nginx or apache, with no content management system like Youtube, but then you just link to it in Discourse, and Discourse makes it into an embedded video with some basic controls (like play, pause, scrubber bar, volume, fullscreen).

Note: Nextcloud can also serve out an .mp4 file with an embellished, embedded viewer as well, which I’ve been using to serve videos to family and friends, sending links over chat apps like Signal, in chat Groups.

They will post it on Youtube later I read so on the official website. :wink:

My brain hurts… :slightly_smiling_face:

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