For Love or Money | Linux Out Loud 19

This week, Linux Out Loud chats about do we open-source for love, money, or both?

Welcome to episode 19 of Linux Out Loud. We fired up our mics, connected those headphones as we searched the community for themes to expound upon. We kept the banter friendly, the conversation somewhat on topic, and had fun doing it.

00:00 Introduction
01:18 Selling Games
05:25 Darktable 4.0
11:33 SELF
20:34 For Love or Money
38:14 Game of the Week
42:23 Bricked OnePlus 9 (Again)
52:22 CNC Update
58:29 Close

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Contact info
Matt (Twitter @MattGameSphere)
Wendy (Mastodon @WendyDLN)
Nate (Website

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Hey Wendy and Nate,

I’ve been wanting to write in for a while now (since episode “OpenSource Lifestyle”). All I hear is everyone’s dedication to Open Source Software and I am curious why you don’t look for Open Source Alternatives in other areas. For example… 3D Printing. I know Creality has started to Open Source some of their designs, but I hardly would call them Open Source friendly. Well, I would like to introduce you both to VORON Design ( ). The entire project is Open Source with CAD files, STLs for part designs, and one of the best assembly manuals I’ve seen for a 3D Printer, ever (seriously). Each design of theirs has a Bill of Materials and options of where you can source the parts.

This group of Engineers now has 5 different printer designs. Each Printer, except for the VORON Legacy, is designed to be fully enclosed to maintain a steady chamber temperature for printing ABS and ASA. You also talked about wanting to print FAST. The usual Benchy test print takes about an hour on an Ender 5. Well, the VORON 2.4 can print a nice looking Benchy (one you’d showcase on a shelf) in around 11 minutes. There are YouTube videos of a V2.4 printing a Benchy for the “Speed Boat Challenge” in under 4 minutes, but printing a Benchy any faster than 11 minutes starts degrading its quality. I like fast, but it also has to be a quality print to get my approval.

In this latest episode, you also talked about wanting to print mutli-materials and multi-color designs. Let me introduce you to the Enraged Rabbit Project (GitHub - EtteGit/EnragedRabbitProject ). This is another Open Source Project from some of the VORON Community Members. It will work with any 3D Printer that runs Klipper or RepRapFirmware. There are many tutorials out there for loading Klipper on to Creality and other Printers, so don’t let the fact that you have a Creality Printer get you down and turn you away from this Project. The Prints that have been done with the Enraged Rabbit are quite impressive. Some of them are showcased on the page on GitHub. This is one project on my to-do list after I finish building my VORON V2.4r2 Printer.

I’m in the middle of building my VORON V2.4r2 with a 350mm x 350mm build surface. I’m finding the build very enjoyable and satisfying my Engineering drive that I do not get at work. I have found the VORON Community and Discord chat to be very helpful and friendly. If you can’t print the ABS parts yourself to get started, they have a Print-it-Forward program to get all of the core parts needed to get your VORON build going. All of the cosmetic parts you can print yourself after getting your Printer initially printing. Wendy, I know you lack a ton of space in your house, but don’t worry. The VORON 2.4 can go as small as 250mm x 250mm. If that’s not small enough, look into the VORON 0.1, its build plate is only 120mm x 120mm. Let me know what you all think of Open Source Printers and Printing.



Thank you so much for sharing these awesome projects! How close are you to having your printer build finished?

I have finished installing 90% of the functional, physical parts onto the Printer. I am at the point of running all of the wires and connecting all of the Electronic parts on the Printer.


For both :heart_eyes: :dollar:

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