Firewall Recommendations

Hello guys, first of all thanks for the great episode 147.

Ryan mentioned that using a firewall in Linux would be worthwhile.

Can you recommend a special app? Or is the Gufw firewall that comes pre-installed in many distros already good enough?


Normally, there is usually already a firewall setup in each Linux distro by default.

Yeah, I know. But there are different solutions like IPtables, Nftables or bpfilter as well as different UI-Tools for them. I just wanted to know if there is a solution recommended by the DLN-Community.

If I understand correctly, tools like ufw and firewalld are just programs that convert the user’s input into iptables rules in the background. It would likely be easier and result in fewer mistakes if you just use ufw/gufw or whatever came with your distro. I’m not saying you shouldn’t play with iptables/etc, but it might not be worth the learning curve depending on what you’re looking for.

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Short answer, Yes Gufw is good enough for most people …

Gufw is a graphical interface for UFW ( Uncomplicated Firewall)
UFW is a easy userspace program that manages the firewall. For many distros the firewall is actually iptables or nftables. They manage the netfilter firewall framework provided by the Linux kernel.

So for the average user Gufw works amazingly well. If you have specific rules or requirements then you would want to interact directly with UFW in the terminal.