Firefox - supporting it on Android too

I love Firefox and it has been my go-to desktop browser for well-over a decade now. I think it took Mozilla a while to establish on Android though.

Relatively recently they’ve revamped the Firefox UI on Android. It’s very different but excellent in my opinion.

I delayed my update due to very many “most relevant” reviews on Google Play that were negative and rated as useful by other users, apparently. Many of these on re-read seem to be shotgun frustrated vents against changes in UI, with complaints often clearly demonstrating users hadn’t taken even a little time to try operating the new version.

I find the above very unfair, so as well as submitting my own positive review I went and marked as useful recent positive reviews similar to my own and marked not useful the ones that seemed to be unfair complaints.

I personally favour Mozilla great deal and think especially in these times they could use as much support as possible and I encourage it :slight_smile:


I use Firefox Focus on Android. Does what I need it to…

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Firefox also made the latest DL and TWIL as a strong favorite of Micheal’s:

Keeping things fair is worth putting in the time, good one.

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