Fedora KDE 35b more of an a (alpha)

Managed to install in dual boot with Win 10 UEFI on SSD… but…

Crashed all the time, couldn’t play videos from Odysee or Bitchute (Youtube okay), wouldn’t allow me to install Dropbox or Vivaldi “no authorization to execute this operation” (even if only one user set as root), Discover takes forever and ever to load and… Wayland still won’t allow setting external monitor as default (X11 is okay).

Shall wait for stable.

I’m fairly certain I’ll hop to 35. But only when its ready, so thanks for the heads up.
Time as always, will tell.

It looks good though!
Not geek enough to know what improvement Wayland brings to the table.
But X11 suits me fine.

Maybe adopting Plasma-desktop 5.22.90 is a bit too haste a move?

October is pretty close, so we’ll see.