Favorite Linux books?

Hi all,

Do you have any favorite authors or books you regularly refer to sometimes when using Linux? What books did you read to learn Linux, if any?

I learned a lot of Linux stuff from the book Learning Linux I believe it was called, by No Starch Press. No Starch Press has tons of books dedicated to Linux, so I consider them a great resource for beginners. Also O’Reilly used to be the go to for Linux books, and they even had a pocket reference book!

One other thing I’d like to mention, Michael W. Lucas usually writes BSD-related books, ostensibly about FreeBSD, but some of the things FreeBSD can do can be applied to Linux as well. He’s another author I like.

man – as in manual pages

On a regular basis make it a point to spend at least part of your spare time reading the man pages.

Open a terminal and enter:

man ls

next try:

man man
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This is a great book:

I like this one too:

I’ve been using an Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet running LIneageOS as my main reading device and I’ve gotten to like Lean Pub a lot. There are a ton of inexpensive tech books on there. I really love that the authors (at least the ones I have purchased from) continually update their books, even after they are 100% complete. Here’s a search for Linux book from Lean Pub: