"Excellent Elegant Music Player - Olivia" (not my find)

Saw this yesterday on the EndeavourOS forum and thought more ppl might enjoy it.
I don’t use YT logged in so this is a really nice way to use YT for music imo with saved playlists and a smart list thingy that seems to find stuff I want to listen to from the same artist etc.

About privacy etc. from the dev:

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I’m going to try this right away. I’ve been looking for a better way to watch YouTube without actually going to the site. Thanks

Bing allows you to do that.

Or you could use a competing music service which supports Linux like Spotify, Amazon Music, or the Open Source Pandora music client


I think even iHeart Radio even has a Linux client

This is an excellent player. Discovering new music isn’t easy and this makes it pretty easy. The UI is a little odd at first glance but it makes sense after a few minutes. Thanks for sharing!

This is more for finding new stuff and I have not had any good experience with Spotify and the like earlier. I got weird taste so I understand that the algorithms can’t help me properly :stuck_out_tongue:

On YT you get the recommendations based on what ppl have in their playlists and what others have watched etc. When playing an instrumental version of a song from Equilibrium (heavy metal) in Olivia I get ONLY instrumental after that which is what I’m after. I don’t care so much about the artists, I care about getting the singing out of the way :grin:

I mostly buy the music I want to have but only if it’s files I can download and do whatever I want with.


That pesky singing, just wasted time between guitar solos.

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