Elementary OS, Ubuntu Cinnamon, Tails, Kali Linux, Luris, Parental Controls | This Week in Linux 89


@MichaelTunnell Thanks, Michael - looks like your auto linking is working well for this, which is excellent! A strong week for distros. I’m especially pleased to hear Tails website’s going to be more user-friendly. I’m quite techie myself but still find Tor a bit impenetrable (you did say you like puns ;-))

I don’t know if it’s just me thinking this, but I often find it computing that trends go around - people copying whatever Apple’s doing, or Google etc. I think flatter “more modern” interfaces might have sprung from Google’s material design, not sure. Felt like going backwards to me - to the Athena widget set when X was released, but anyway… When mobile devices started to become popular I think these hamburger menus started to pop up too (there’s another one!) I quite like the old-school multiple menus but I guess they’re not for everyone and Microsoft’s Ribbon seemed to have been the beginning of the end for those. For very complex applications I think they’re still necessary, personally. Will keep an eye open for your video on CSD if you make one.


I did have to tweak the post a bit so still work to be done on that.

I think Material design has attributed to the Hamburger menu being created and honestly I think the Hamburger menu is a great asset to many things like mobile interfaces benefit from it greatly . . . but the adoption of it in GNOME Apps is just incredibly lazy design.

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Well, I know what’s up next on my PocketCasts playlist!


In your ‘housekeeping’ segment, you mentioned that you have chapter markers in the podcast. I use Overcast to listen to all of my podcasts and I don’t see any chapters for this podcast. Is it just me?

In mpv I can see them. I know in VLC it is different. So it could be indeed the program.

that is weird, maybe there is a conflict with Overcast and the way I am doing that. I don’t have an iPhone to test that so hopefully I can figure out a way with your help testing.