Easiest to use rolling distro?

I have had success on my XPS 13 9300 with Manjaro, Ezarcher, ArcoLinux, Pop-Os and Garuda Linux. All had graphical installers, great documentation and good communities for support. My current is ArcoLinux with KDE.

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Rhetorically speaking, which is a better distro Ubuntu Rolling Rhino or Fedora Rawhide? I am going to install OpenSuse Tumbleweed, which with Yast must be better than those two, but I really think Arch is king… I personally love building my system the Arch way…

Fedora Rawhide is packed into an easy to install .iso image and made available by the Fedora project for testing.

Rolling Rhino is an unofficial script someone made on a weekend and released to the wild.

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed is a QA’d flagship Linux distribution from a mature project.

i use arch btw

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I’ve been running Garuda for a couple of months and I’m in the process of moving my collection of laptops off of Solus over the EndeavorOS. I’ve only been running EndeavorOS for a week, so time will tell.

In this case you said it. Tumbleweed would be it, but for me not because of Yast. I actually do not even install it with Yast.

I installed Opensuse TW with no desktop specified and got IceWM. I installed Openbox, deleted IceWM and dressed it up nice. I added my necessary keyboard shortcuts to the rc.xml, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Yast gave me some issues, but we worked through them. Dont try to use Network-Manager, i couldn’t create a new connection and save it, i had no permissions. If I uninstalled it, and used Yast, well i had no problems at all using Yast to connect with wifi.

Good luck installing your desktop piece by piece the Arch way. I had a really difficult time getting a login manager to work reliably. After a reboot, i was back to logging into the console logins.

I am thoroughly enjoying Openbox with tint2, its really fun!! Might try it with polybar next…

I use network manageron TW no problems though I do find some permissions really wonky compared to defaults on every other distro.

Late to the party, but my vote’s for Garuda Linux. I made it a rule to run the ‘update’ command daily and I’ve never had an issue with it. Been running Garuda for a few months.

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EndevourOS is my favorite. While it is my opinion that someone should at least try doing an arch install the arch way(doing it your self) once as a learning experience. After knowing how to do, so I think installing EndevourOS is the way to go. It is mostly vanilla Arch with a few added little packages like endeavours welcome menu and a few packages/scrips that work with it. That being said if you are looking for a distro that is filled with a lot of stuff out of the box it probably isn’t for you. In that case, I would go with Garuda.

Manjaro XFCE is my favorite rolling release, because in the 2 years I have it in a VM, it never let me down. It is up to now as reliable as Ubuntu LTS. In theory it should be less reliable, because it has too handle much more changes per month. So with respect to the end result: “Chapeau” :slight_smile:
Garuda Linux looks beautiful, but in last year I had a few times issues after some updates.
OpenSuse Leap 15, but that did give too many issues so I deleted it again. So I’m not keen in trying the rolling release Tumbleweed. It is strange because I remember OpenSuse 12 and I still have those 4 VMs with the OpenSuse flavors and they are old but rock solid.

What were the issues with Leap 15? I use Tumbleweed and it’s been great. My issues with Leap are always the age of packages.