Duck duck go not as private as you think?

They are saying that, for example like the messenger app Signal, there needs to be a search app that is “private and secure enough“ for the average user. It is my personal belief that DuckDuckGo is still that app.

Ah, understood.
@ vinylninja then you can use one of the publicly hosted SearXNG instances: if you don’t want to host it yourself.

lol, that’s hilarious.

So Brave browser is open source? I’m not opposed to Brave’s BAT system, I don’t understand it fully but it seems like it leaves some wanting. I like how they do that for getting rid of advertising, honestly.

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I haven’t looked into BAT but I think cutting out middlemen like Google is definitely good for a whole host of reasons, least of all privacy. There’s something to this which I wish wasn’t so wrapped up in Brave’s magic blend of durp.

What really confuses me is if they want BAT to spread shouldn’t the priority be on fully containing it inside a cross-browser extension? It’d also solve the easy-remove problem and would help moduralize it. For example no one serious wants their cryto wallet integrated into their browser.

I understand the worry that it won’t be discovered if it isn’t enabled by default but there’s ways to convey things to users other than… “hey, you’re using this now.”.

When browsers force non-browser features on me (similar to when search engines get handsy with the sociopolitical views of whomever’s in charge) I move away assuming there’s a better option. Even if I want those extra features, I may not always so it’s uncomfortable having no choice.

Yes, I also still use DDG and I think it will stay that way for enough time. Apart from the discussion here and elsewhere I just prefer DDG as the best option at the moment.
I do not use their browser and never was going to. I still use Firefox.


SearXNG supports bangs

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OMG you are right! This is perfect and thank you for this. How could I miss it?!

!! external bangs
SearXNG supports the external bangs from DuckDuckGo. To directly jump to a external search page use the !! prefix. To give an example:

I’ll definitely start adding searx to mix to try. I am like @vinylninja in that I still prefer DDG, despite most of what is listed; I think perfection is the enemy of ‘much better’ in this case.

I’ll keep a better eye on Brave, I just like Firefox too much to give it up.