DLN Xtend - Episode 3 - Events of the Week, Importance of Using a VPN, Backup Options, Too Much Choice in Linux, and Being Realistic About Proprietary Software

DLN Xtend Episode 3 is out covering events of the week, importance of using a VPN, backup options, is there too much choice in Linux, and being realistic about proprietary software.

DLN Xtend Episode 3


And yet another cool episode.
Thanks for the show !


Another good episode Gents!!! Just love hearing another point of view on these topics!


@EricAdams and @CubicleNate, thanks again - really enjoyed this. Very glad to hear you shared my sentiments on the Commodore - a huge oversight their leaving it out, and it’s what I’d been thinking about before you mentioned it. Also I agree on proprietary sometimes being necessary especially professionally if it’s an industry standard and gets the job done quickly. As with many things I think a balance is needed in practice between what’s ideal and what is available as an appropriate tool at any given time.


Thanks for the feedback. Glad to hear you are enjoying the show!

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